"Darren's tenacity and attention to detail, his intuitive grasp of a client's business and his ability to tailor solutions within a high-pressure industry puts him ahead of the game. He commands a ferocious will to succeed, and thereby ensuring that all who deal with him will be given 110% Darren Palache".

July 5, 2011, Colin, Investment bank in Stockholm. Colin was with another company when working with Darren at PDM Recruitment Consultancy


"Darren is one of the best recruiters that I have had the pleasure of dealing with throughout my job search. He took the time to understand my needs rather than just trying to 'sell' me a position. He is genuine in his approach and is a breath of fresh air among the run of the mill recruiters"

Matthew, Project Manager, Germany, September 2, 2011


“Darren was fantastic from start to finish. He kept me informed throughout the whole recruitment cycle from initial phone calls to regular emails, which helped to put me at ease. He really understands his candidates, which came across to me with just how professionally he conducted himself.”

Robert, June 8, 2012

"Darren is a result oriented person, acts quickly and is very efficient. He showed me a new career opportunity, which I decided to embrace".

Tomek, Expert at PKO BPAT, June 30, 2012, Tomek was with another company when working with Darren at PDM Recruitment Consultancy


"Darren was my agent during my 6 month contract in Stockholm. From the point of referring the job and arranging interviews with the client to the very last payment from the client he has been a pleasure to work with, bringing his attention to detail to every inquiry I have ever made. His communication and people skills are excellent, he is very helpful and was available all the time including unsocial hours".


"I can certainly recommend him as person who is capable an willing to provide professional service of the highest quality".

June 8, 2012, Oleg, Investment Bank, Stockholm. Oleg was with another company when working with Darren at PDM Recruitment Consultancy


“Romayne’s knowledge and interest for the job is infectious. He was fantastic in helping me in my job search, guiding me throughout. He was extremely effective and made things happen. I would certainly recommend PDM Recruitment Consultancy to anyone looking for a recruitment firm that do things a little differently.”

Dwain, Business Analyst, Sweden, May 11, 2013


“Wayne was great to work with. He highlighted to me other career opportunities that I hadn’t really considered. Throughout the process Wayne kept in regular contact with me, this took the stress out of changing and subsequently starting my new role.”

Lucy Copper, Murex Expert, April 25, 2013


"Wayne is a great recruiter, he was a pleasure to deal with throughout. He was very good at listening to my concerns and offered me sound advice in preparing myself for the final interview. Thank you Wayne for all of your help".

David, Web Analyst, September, 2013


"I would just like to express my gratitude to PDM Recruitment's young but very capable recruiter, Romayne. From the moment of the initial contact through to my job placement he has been a complete superstar! He answered all of my never ending questions about the role and took the time to explain each step of the process,so I never had to chase him up for the lastest developments. Why can't every recruiter be more like this! Thanks Romayne for everything."

Syed, At Investment bank in Sweden, October, 2013


"I'm under a positive deep impression of Darren professionality. His afford in recruitment process was extraordinary.I can sincerely recommend him"


Adam was with another company when working with Darren at PDM Recruitment Consultancy, November 26, 2013


"The whole recruitment process was stress free from beginning to end, my gratitude to the team at PDM Recruitment"

Alan, Murex Analyst, June, 2014


" I am very impressed with the way that I was kept informed throughout the application process be Wayne and Jennifer, you guys are fantastic and so professional. I am definitely keeping in touch for the future"

Mohammed Abullah, Applied for Front- end Web Developer opportunity, May, 2015


 " I would like to say a big thank you to Jennifer for making me aware of a new career opportunity with a business consultancy I had been considering working for. She arranged the interviews quickly and effectively and kept me updated throughout the whole process. The speed in which I passed through the interview and subsequently when on to accept the client offer, meant that that I could concentrate on dealing with relocating my family to Germany in minimal time. Very impressive, thank you Jennifer!"

Alexandre Moumoud, IT Project Manager, June 2017