PDM Consultancy have a broad range and type of job opportunities, including Banking contract jobs, Banking freelance jobs and temporary contracts. Our contract solutions provides clients access to a flexible supply of Banking consultants. The lifecycle and nature of Banking means clients need specific skills for a defined period of time.

Short-term contract needs include:

  • Banking Subject Matter Experts for pre-studies
  • Post go-live support
  • Overall Project/Program Managers
  • Technical experts in a specific geography
  • Technical experts with specific language skills

PDM uses best practice resourcing skills to identify, qualify and engage high quality Banking contractors. Our Contract Solutions process exclusively ensures a smooth transaction for both the client and the contractor by:

  • Sourcing contractors from our market leading network of associates and independent experts
  • Checking references screening every contractor prior to their project start date
  • Ensuring contractor compliance with local tax, national insurance, etc.
  • Guaranteeing prompt payment to contractors
  • Providing and monitoring Service Level Agreements for each project
  • Applying quality procedures throughout the relationship from sourcing consultants to billing