At PDM Recruitment Consultancy we were established with the intention of providing the best recruitment experience possible, under the values of honestly and professionalism. Today we have remained true to this principle, we pride ourselves in the way we conduct our business, we place honestly and professionalism at the core of how we deal with our clients, candidates and our employees and we are respected because of this.

Equal Opportunities employer

We believe that regardless of background, disability, gender or ethnic origin, everyone should have the opportunity to fulfil their full potential when they chose to work for us, we want our workplace to reflect this ethos.

We take pride from knowing that our talented team is made up of a diverse mixture of people and talents. We recognise that our people make up the heart of everything we do and will define us as a company. Our diversity is broad and our talent is great, but it is our common knowledge of our founding values that unifies us, and will ultimately drive our success.

Investment in our employees

At PDM Recruitment Consultancy we believe that a business’s greatest asset are its people. We want all of our employees to achieve their full potential with us, and to continually strive to be the best in all they do. We recognise that in such a competitive market place we need to offer to our clients and candidates the very best services and advice. We actively respond to this by continually sending all of our employee’s on courses specifically with this in mind. We are passionate about supporting our people so that they can develop sound foundations on which to build their own careers with us.

Environmental commitments

At PDM Recruitment consultancy we recognise that as a business we have a moral obligation to care for the environment in which we live. In line with current initiatives we proudly operate a Carbon Neutral business operation where we actively encourage our people to use the most effective forms of public transport and discourage the use of company cars.