PDM Recruitment – keeping it simple

PDM Recruitment is striving to become the most dynamic and innovative IT recruitment agency globally across the UK, US, Europe and Asia by combining our many years of experience and expertise in the recruitment sector with the drive to provide the best service possible towards both our contractors and our corporate clients. Our detailed market knowledge and our will to excel, set us apart from the rest of the market.

Over the years our clients and contractors have applauded PDM Recruitment for our round-the-clock customer services, our honesty and our professionalism in dealing with all kinds of challenges. We take care of everything in order to keep things simple for you.

Our team consists of individuals that are fully qualified and experienced in recruiting only the best candidates for our clients. Our combined knowledge of over 34 years specialising in the IT and banking sectors mean, that unlike other recruitment firms we can offer a more tailored and focused level of service, by fully utilising the very latest sourcing strategies.

As such the different services that we offer for our clients include:

Executive search

We act on behalf of clients as an independent third party organisation to fully research senior and executive candidates for specialist positions. This will be through the means of identifying candidates through our extensive networks and actively approaching them. We will formulate a search plan that will help us identify their availability for the requested position. It is important to mention that any specific search method will be fully discussed openly and honestly with our clients to determine its suitability.

Contingent search

As part of our commitment towards our clients, we offer a “No placement, No fee” model, as we feel that this is the most appropriate method for the majority of medium-level, non-specialised management roles which we as a company can fill.


PDM also recognises that many of the clients that we deal with may want to retain some autonomy with regards to recruitment, in particular high volume recruitment. Responding to this need, PDM offers the perfect solution by providing its clients with a specialist professional recruiter. Their job will be to fully embed themselves into the working culture and team of the company and to manage the recruitment process as a business partner.

Permanent and Fixed term contracts

At PDM we understand that the nature of the banking cycle means our clients look to source candidates ranging from a defined time through to a short term basis. As such we can supply candidates for positions ranging from a permanent contract basis through to more flexible fixed term (3 months and on-wards)  contracts. These contracts will be specifically between the candidates and the clients, with PDM acting as an intermediary.

We have an award winning contractor care program and we support our contractors with a range of benefits. We pay on time, every time, and as many as 95 percent of our contractors prefer to stay on with us rather than move to other agencies. We also offer secure and reliable technologies, with our systems being able to manage high volumes of contractor services with total accuracy,with regards to payment, invoicing and reporting.

They include:

• Fully integrated CRM and payroll functions (FastTrack)
• A web-based interactive applicant management process (turboRECRUIT)
• A client reporting platform that can be adapted to meet your needs
• SMS candidate alerts

Murex Market

PDM currently has 5 highly experience specialists working in the Murex market. We operate globally with ongoing business relationships in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Poland, US, Yangon and Singapore.

We are a preferred supplier to a number of clients and regularly place permanent employees as well as freelance consultants with them. Just recently, we provided a financial institution in Poland with a total of 15 permanent staff in junior,senior and lead roles for their Murex Project, thus assisting them in making this project a success for the company.

At PDM Recruitment Consultancy we are proven experts within the field of Murex, our consultants have in-depth technical experience together with many years of successful recruitment based on constantly delivering to our banking clients.

We have built up a reputation of excellence over the years from our consultants drive, professionalism and ambition to provide the very best. This is why our clients are loyal to PDM Recruitment Consultancy and trust us to provide them with contract or permanent recruitment services that cover the following:

  • Front Office- Corporate Finance, Equity, Pricing, Portfolio Management, Risk Management
  • Middle- Collateral Management, Reporting and Limits Management
  • Back office- Payments, Settlement and Accounting

For more information please see our Trading Systems section.